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RF System Design (Antenna to Baseband)

  • Receiver Design (Antenna to ADC Input)
  • Transmitter Design (DAC Output to Antenna)
  • Transceiver Design (DAC/ADC to Antenna)
  • Design to Standards or Proprietary Systems
  • Direct Conversion or Superhet Architectures
  • Years of RF Circuit Design Experience and The Impact on RF Sytems/Architectures
  • Design for Integrated or Discrete Systems

MATLAB Based RF System Design and Analysis Methodolgy

  • More Flexible and Faster Than Circuit/Behavioral Based Simulations
  • More Suited for Complex Digital Communications Systems
  • Interfaces to Circuit/Behavioral Simulators For a Hybrid Design Approach
  • Can Augment Circuit and Behavioral Simulators Where Time and Convergence are Limiting
  • Interface to Excel for Data Dissemination
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