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Coplanar Waveguide With Ground (CPWG) on FR-4 Can Be Used To At Least 10 GHz

  • Board Is Set With a Thin Dielectric (100uM) With A Narrow Line as Might Be Used on The Top Layer of a Multi-Layer Board With Many Connections.
  • Quasi-Static Design Equations Are A Good Start For Determining Final Width and Spacing But An EM Simulator Was Used To Optimize For 10 GHz Operation. (w=152uM, s=134uM).
  • To Prevent Moding, Typically Vias Are Peppered Between the Top and Bottom Grounds With The "More is Better and They Are Free" Theory. This Will Work But May Cause Issues With Routing Other Lines On This Layer and Subsequent Lower Layers. The Vias Were Spaced and Placed At the Minimum Required Using an EM Simulator To Get Performance to 10 GHz.
  • Performance Can Be Quite Good With The Raw 25mm CPWG Line With Insertion Loss Being Less Than 0.7dB and Return Loss >40dB. What Will Really Limit The Return Loss Is The Connector and Transitions.
Coplanar WaveGuide on FR=4 to 10 GHz


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