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Intermodulation Distortion Analysis

  • Voltage and Current Intercept Points Are Generally More Useful Than Intercept Points In Terms Of Power In IC Design.
  • Voltage and Current Intercepts Do Not Rely on a Reference Impedance.
  • The Choice of Voltage or Current Intercept Depends On How The Device Is Driven.
  • A Voltage Amplifier or Transconductance Stage is Voltage Driven So A Voltage Intercept Should Be Used. The Output of The Transconductance Stage is A Current But Only The Difference In IMD Levels With Respect to The Fundamental is Important. The Conversion From Voltage to Current is Irrelevant.
  • In the Same Way, A Transimpedance Stage is Current Driven With an Output Voltage So In Input Intercept Current Should Be Used.
  • External Points That Are Referenced to A Well Defined Real Load Such as An Antenna or Generator Should Retain a Power Reference.
Input Intercept Point


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