ElevenEcho Design Inc -Updated 7/8/19. Added Analysis of Cascode Current Mirror in Circuits

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Multi-Layer Board With Connector and Coaxial Thru Via to 10GHz 2.4GHz Inverted F Antenna With Meander Line 2.4GHz Inverted F Antenna With Meander Line Gain Pattern Direct Conversion Transmitter

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ElevenEcho Design Offers Complete RF/Microwave System, Circuit Design from Antenna to Analog Baseband

  • Complete Antenna to Baseband System Architecture Design and Analysis.
  • Design to Standard or Proprietary Systems or Subsystems.
  • Stand Alone Transmitters, Receivers, or Complete Transceivers.
  • Transistor Level Circuit Design for Complete Systems or Subsystems At IC and Discrete Level.
  • Layout and Extraction.
  • Board Level Design For Critical RF/Microwave Interfaces.
  • Antenna Design.
  • RF Testing/Prototyping.

Direct Conversion Transmitter Output Spectrum Direct Conversion Transmitter Output Constellation
Direct Conversion Receiver RF CMOS Quadrature Down Converter RF CMOS 2-Stage LNA RF CMOS Quadrature Down Converter NF and Gm Direct Conversion Receiver SNR Direct Conversion Receiver EVM